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Implementation space |  Entering the website

This document is an agreement concluded between Brunes Sh.p.k  and the respective clients, which provides the general conditions for clients of buying online products via the Bruneswebsite www.brunes.al (hereinafter referred to as “General conditions”)
Buy ordering and purchasing online via the website www.brunes.al , you accept without reservation all the General conditions. These general conditions are applied to all sales via website of Brunes, even though the products are delivered to the address specified by the Client or when the clients buy the products at the store.
If the general conditions change, corresponding changes will be published on this website. If the general conditions change, they will not be applied any more. In case of specific products and special offers that have additional conditions will be published after their delivery on website www.brunes.al .
Brunes will not be responsible if during the navigation on this website can be downloaded unwanted products or unconfirmed by the client. Brunes will not be responsible for problems that may arise due to the lack of antivirus, firewall or browser not updated at the visitor’s computer during the navigation on this website of Brunes as well. The clients take the responsibility by themselves to use the right equipment and programs to be protected against external attacks (viruses, different pages) to buy online. Brunes may decide at any time to suspend, change or terminate the provision of the products online due to maintenance works, to update or improve the website or for any other reason.
Violation of these conditions and terms entitles Brunes to terminate an online purchasing and to not let them navigate anymore on this website for these reasons or other.


Electronic purchase | Order procedure
To buy online, the client must be over 18 years old and with full legal capability to act. The first step the client should take is the registration. During the registration, the client must provide name, surname, his electronic address, his password as well. The client is obligated to provide true and correct information, mandatory for its identification. The password is personal and should be kept confidential and not disclosed to any other person. The client will have access to his personal data in Customer space or in case when the client will make an order, the client must be identified in advance through user name and password, taking in consideration that the password does not serve to make payments.
The client performs the order through the procedure described on the website and confirms detailed summary of the order, which contains information on the product ordered and its price. Brunes will not take any responsibility if in the relevant customer account purchases or orders another person who has taken the username or password with or without the knowledge of the relevant client.

Verification of data and provision of his client’s bank card numbers constitutes signature and expresses hidden acceptance of all transactions made by the client on the website of Brunes .

Brunes will not take any responsibility if the card bank, details of which are set in order to perform a payment is declared stolen or lost, in case the relevant bank confirms the payment.
Brunes is not responsible if the website doesn’t work, which can delay or prevent the performance of electronic orders, due to the events beyond the reasonable control of Brunes or due to maintenance work carried out on the respective website.

Products and Price
Visiting website www.brunes.al , you, as a client will be informed about the main features of the products on this site. Any information regarding the description of the products, their characteristics and prices will be displayed with detailed specifications on the website. However, the clients have the right to know the manner of use or any other information that accompanies the products delivered or placed on the products or its packaging, such as instructions for use. Considering that buying electronically does not offer the ability to display usage instructions or other documents, the Customer may choose to recognize them after the purchased product to is delivered as take delivery of or can visit the showroom of Brunes to see the relevant product.
The Internet offers a different shopping experience from buying in store. In other words, we inform you that the pictures that appear on the website to illustrate the products may not always display the view and real product’ s features such as colour, size or format, which may not always coincide with the description of the product concerned. Brunes does not take any responsibility in case of any inaccuracies or inconsistencies in the product illustration. Brunes does not guarantee availability of any product published on the website.
Availability of products means availability in stock. In case of lack of availability of the product, Brunes undertakes to inform the Client as soon as possible by his contacts established during online purchasing, but in any case within 48 hours of order confirmation.
The prices set on the website of Brunes are net prices with VAT included. The prices set for the products do not include the delivery costs which are the responsibility of the Client who chooses the delivery of products to the address specified by him. In case of any mistake in writing about the prices of one or several products, Brunes shall notify the Customer for the mistake. Client is free to choose to continue to the end of the transaction or to terminate it.


Confirmation of order
After purchasing the product (s) electronically, Brunes confirms immediately to the client the receipt of the order. In addition, the Client will receive a message through his email, confirming the purchase electronically and contains information on the product, quantity, price and order number.
Customer order will be considered accepted only after its confirmation by Brunes. Customer order may be reviewed by Brunes and consult with the Client especially in case of absence of the product chosen on website by the customer.


Payment methods

The customer can make the payment with:

1. Payment in cash when receiving the order.

2. Payment with bank account.

3. Bank debit card or credit card (of any kind).

If Brunes finds impossible to accomplish a part of the order for reasons that have nothing to do with Brunes, customer payment shall be reduced by the price of the unsent products and relevant shipment fees , once notified respectively for this changes.
 Note: During the payment, the client automatically connects with the payment server, part of Data Processing Center Control System. Bank data of the client, protected through encryption, does not pass through Brunes Systems and are not saved in these systems.


Product delivery
Delivery of products will be performed within 15 days from the day after order confirmation from Brunes. In case of absence or delay, you will be notified by Brunes to postpone the deadline for delivering. Client is free to choose whether wants to accept or cancel the order. Product delivery can be carried out only on the territory of the Republic of Albania. Delays in products delivery or order failure do not mean compensation of Customer or its suppliers.
Client undertakes to take the delivered products on its behalf or on behalf of the person to whom the order is carried out at the address given by him during the order performing. During the delivery, the Client or authorized person must prove his identity and show the order confirmation which contains the order number and authorization in case of withdrawal by a third person.
During the control of the products delivered, if the client finds out that the wrapping or product packing is damaged, the products are missing or damaged, the Customer must describe all the remarks written in the act of receiving and obtain the signature of the carrier and will keep a copy of the document. These remarks should be clear (determination of damages) in order to be considered by Brunes for the replacement product.

If Brunes or transporter cannot deliver products because customer’s fault, such as respecting the schedule set for the delivery of products, lack of communication of particular conditions of access, the Client loses the right to refund delivery costs. The costs of returning the product will also be deducted from the refund of the product price. If the client wants another delivery, he is obligated to pay in advance the delivery costs.


Order cancellation
The client has the right to cancel his order, in case when Brunes does not accomplish the delivery conditions predicted in the above point, announcing via email at info@brunes.al or service telephone number +355698000098. The request for cancellation will be considered by Brunes only if the preparation, submission or delivery of ordered products did not happen under the terms described in these Terms.
For the above cases of cancellation, the Client will be compensated for the payment made within a period of 30 days since the request is received from Brunes.


Return of the product.
Pursuant to Article 37 of Law 9902, dated April 17, 2008 “On consumer protection”, the Client has the right to withdraw from the contract without penalty and without giving any reason, within a period of 14 days from the date of delivery of ordered products.
Product must be returned to the address specified by Brunes, with packaging and encasement, not used and accompanied with all accessories, instructions for use, documents proving the purchasing electronically and return authorization form completed ; if the product is not delivered in a manner described in this point, it will not be accepted by Brunes. Transportation costs for the return of cancelled orders will be covered by the Client.


Privacy and copyrights
Protection of privacy and personal data are matters of particular importance and Brunes is committed to strictly implement all legal frameworks for their respect and protection, particularly Law 9887, dated 10.03.2008 “On Protection of Personal Data”, as well as the relevant legal acts.
In accordance with the legal framework, the Client has a right of access, correction, deletion of his personal data or opposition to their processing. The client can exercise these rights by sending an email to: info@brunes.al . This site is the official website of Brunes. All elements used on this site, including sound or visual elements, and the base technology, are protected by copyrights, trademarks or patents. They are the exclusive property of the company Brunes sh.p.k. This site is used according to the General Conditions which are expressly set out here. The client has the right to use this site only for personal use and any copying, unauthorized use of elements used on this site is prohibited.

Service of warranty products
After-sale services will be provided for all products within the warranty. This service will be performed only in the authorized service center of Brunes:  nr. Tel: +35569000098

Customer Service
If you have questions, complaints or comments about these Terms and Conditions or your electronic purchase on the Bruneswebsite, don’t hesitate to visit us at the address or e-mail: info@brunes.al .


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